Abbreviation: Harj2

Harjula, Raimo: The Ideal of the Good Life. As Chrystallized by Tanzanian Meru Proverbs. Studia Orientalia 81. 1997 Helsinki: The Finnish Oriental Society.. MERU (Tanzanian)

Below you will find a list of all proverb types referenced in this collection. Note that some or all of the original proverb texts are not available in the database.

16 ⋆ Ei vanha koira tyhjää hauku @ ⋆ A rope that lies outdoors does not lack something to bind (translation Meru/Afr.)

14 ⋆ Ei se jalkamiestä haastata, joka on päässyt hyvin hevosen selkään ( ⋆ The cockroach on a tray does not know the one on the wall (translation Meru/Afr.)

11c ⋆ Ei istumalla saa jänistä kiinni ⋆ Buttocks don't pick up dry leaves (translation Meru/Afr.)